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2 weeks ago @ 12:16PM

Penn Manor Athletics Winter Sports Guidelines


2020-2021 Winter Season



  • In accordance with each school’s Health & Safety Plan, COVID-19 screening of athletes and coaches is expected to be performed prior to every game or practice.

  • Only the Penn Manor cheerleaders will be performing at boys/girls basketball games and wrestling matches.

  • Due to indoor capacity limitations, NO spectators will be permitted at junior high basketball games held at Manor Middle School or wrestling matches at Marticville Middle School.

  • Per the guidelines of the local bowling establishments, NO spectators will be permitted at any home or away bowling matches.

  • All Penn Manor swimming meets are away this season. As we receive information regarding the live streaming of these meets from our opponents, it will be shared with students, coaches, and families as well as be posted on social media.

  • Each rostered Penn Manor student-athlete and cheerleader will be given two tickets for their parents/guardians to attend games/matches held in the high school East Gym.

  • At this time, visiting spectators will not be allowed to attend any basketball games. 

  • Depending on the size of our wrestling opponents' rosters, we will allow up to two visiting spectators, as long as we are within our venue capacity limit.

  • There will be no ticket sales at the door. All tickets will be pre-distributed.

  • All spectators will be required to wear masks at all times and practice social distancing by sitting in designated areas in the bleachers. We ask that only members of the same household sit together.

  • We plan to live stream all basketball and wrestling events at the high school and middle school. The links are available at the end of the document and are also available on the Penn Manor Athletics website.

  • All athletes and coaches will be seated in chairs on either side of the scoring table (basketball) and at the north and south ends of the game mat (wrestling). The chairs will be appropriately spaced to enforce social distancing.

  • Athletes will bring their own individual water containers. “Touch-free” coolers will be available on site to refill at the high school.

  • Athletes/staff/coaches and spectators in attendance should not meet and gather before or after the game inside the gymnasium. We ask that any gathering with family members/guardians wait until they are outside the building.

  • There will be no concession stand during the winter season.

  • Disinfectant, hand sanitizer and wipes will be available at strategic locations.

  • Face coverings will be worn by everyone all the time. A medical exemption must be properly documented.



  • Locker room access will be limited, so we are asking all teams and officials to arrive dressed for the game, if possible. Teams may use the locker room for pregame and halftime chats.

  • Basketballs will be provided for warm-ups. Teams are more than welcome to bring their own balls. Balls will be sanitized prior to and after all games.

  • Unnecessary contact must be avoided at all times. This includes huddles, pregame tunnels during introductions and postgame sportsmanship lines. Instead, a friendly wave to the opponent/coach would be considered an acceptable positive gesture, indicating “good luck.” (pre-game at introductions) and “good game (post-game).

  • There will be no overtime for junior high or JV contests.

  • PIAA officials will have access to a meeting room.

  • Junior high/freshman players will not be allowed to attend senior high games



  • We are strongly recommending that only the minimum number of wrestlers required for the match be present on site. For senior high – 13, but no more than 16. For junior high – 15, but no more than 18.

  • Separate locker rooms will be available for junior and senior high, but without showers.

  • PIAA mat officials will have a restroom.

  • The mat will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the match and after every three matches during the senior high meets.

  • Unnecessary contact must be avoided at all times. This includes high fives, fist bumps, team huddles and tunnels, as well as the traditional team pile prior to the match.

  • Junior high teams and spectators  will be asked to vacate the building at the conclusion of their match.



  • Players and game officials are expected to come dressed and ready to play.

  • Separate restrooms will be available for the teams and PIAA officials.

  • Teams should bring their own water bottles and containers to the gym.

  • Players will be socially spaced in the bleachers.

  • No spectators will be allowed to attend.

  • Hand waving by both sides at game’s end should adequately replace any form of body contact.


It is important to note that any or all of the above content may be modified at any time, pending action from the state or federal government.


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